Business Car Leasing FAQ

Who are Avail?
Avail are an independent leasing distributor, we arrange car and van leasing for the corporate sector.

How long have you been in business?
We started as a partnership 1993 and converted to a Ltd Company in 2008. We are not a lender, but act as a broker for the major UK leasing companies. We are registered and authorised by the Financial conduct Authority. (FCA)

Do you charge a management fee?

How do you source your cars?
We source our vehicles from franchised distributors, thus ensuring all vehicles are fully warranted.

What sort of leasing can you offer?
We offer business leasing to the corporate sector. We offer maintained or non maintained contracts.

Do I have to run a fleet to deal with you?
We are happy to help any business that is credit worthy. A fleet can be one vehicle.

Do you offer maintenance contracts?
Yes, over 75% of our contacts have a maintenance contract included.

Do you offer any management support software?
Yes, we provide management backup for the duration of the contract. We have our own web based management software “Manage My Cars” which is provided with every vehicle we supply.

Can you arrange hire cars?
Yes, we offer a flexible 3 month product which is very useful for new employees, special projects and overseas visitors.

If I have a problem will you help me or will I have to fight my own battles?
We will do all that we can to help you. This is one of the things that makes us different from other distributors. Our philosophy is that our relationship starts the day we deliver the car. If you ever have a problem, whether it’s with the car, the leasing company or the repairing garage, we will do everything we can to help.

How many clients renew with you?
We have probably the highest retention rate in the industry. We renew about 65% of our leases, some clients have renewed over 6 or 7 times.

How competitive are you ?
We try to be as competitive as possible. Having been in business over 25 years we must be doing something right. We will always offer the most competitive rental we can find and we will always offer any special offers that match what you are looking for.

Are all leasing companies and contracts the same?
Basically, yes they are. They will vary slightly in terms of flexibility and maintenance cover, but car leasing is now well and truly part of the landscape.

Why does your website show “budget figures” not actual rentals?
We believe it’s all about giving you choice. So you can decide what’s best for you, not what’s best for us.

Are the figures realistic?
They are updated once a month and reflect what is currently available. We will be pleased to provide specific quotations on request.

Why should I deal with you, what else do you have to offer me?
This could take a long time to answer, or it could be very short and simple. Honesty, reliability, and the promise to own the problem. Thanks for taking the trouble to consider us.

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